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Block distracting websites, without sacrificing your privacy
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Available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

5This has really helped keep me away from distracting websites while I do my schoolwork, like Cool Math Games and Youtube. I would highly reccomend this to anyone who gets easily distracted by some websites. :) - Wilby (Edge Store)
5This is the best website blocker in the Edge Browser, I have ever found. One must try out definitely. - Ajay (Edge Store)
5Free version is simple and does what I need - Nathan (Edge Store)

Privacy Focused

Installs with minimal permissions. Explicitly request permission for each website you want to block.

No Eavesdropping

Your lists, schedules, and other settings are saved in your browser; we don't send that data anywhere, nor do we use any kind of analytics software.

Multiple Lists

Manage multiple websites in different lists. Enable, disable, or customize block settings per list.

Powerful Scheduling

Pro Feature

Set the weekdays or times that the list should be active, perfect for your weekly and daily schedule.

Password Protection

Pro Feature

Improve your surfing habits by protecting your block settings with a password.

Personalize Blocked Page

Pro Feature

Set a custom title, description, and various colors for the blocked page.

Redirect Website

Pro Feature

Choose whether the site should be blocked or redirected to another website on a per-list basis.

Auto Close

Pro Feature

Automatically close the blocked page window after a specified number of seconds.


Pro Feature

Backup your lists, schedules, and other settings to an external backup file. Import backups into any supported browser.

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