Avrodh - Web Extension

Avrodh - Web Extension is an extension (or add-on) for your computer's internet browser.

Available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

It helps you block distracting websites, without sacrificing your privacy. You can manage multiple websites in different lists, and choose to block or redirect them.

You can set schedules for a list. Import/export is available for backups, which works without internet.

Privacy Focused

Avrodh - Web Extension is a privacy focused web extension. It installs with no extra permissions. It does not track user behavior or use any analytics software. We do not share, send or store your lists, schedules or how are you using various features that extension provides.

For any website you want to block, we explicitly ask permissions for that website. Extension will only have access to websites you want to block.

Multiple Features

With Avrodh - Web Extension to block a website, you create a list of websites. One list can be enabled or disabled independent of other lists you have.

Websites can be blocked or redirected to another website. This can be changed per list basis.

You often want to manage different websites with different rules. Something like

  • Block https://facebook.com but only during my morning work schedule.
  • Whenever I try to use https://explicit.website redirect it to https://safe.website

To cover this we have schedules. You can set custom schedule for each list. Schedule allow you to choose days or time when a list will work.

Export your data to a backup file, without any active internet connection. You can use this file to restore your lists later on.

Easy Payments

To access all features you will need a license key. This key can be used in one browser at a time. We offer one time purchase option without any recurring subscription. All payments are securely processed by Paypal.

We support multiple currencies for checkout. Free trial option is also available, find out more on Pricing page.