Avrodh: Privacy Focused Site Blocker

Avrodh: Privacy Focused Site Blocker is an extension (or add-on) for your computer's internet browser.

Available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

It helps you block distracting websites, without sacrificing your privacy. It comes with many features to help you overcome distraction and improving productivity.

Privacy focused

It is a privacy focused web extension. It installs with no extra permissions. It does not track user behavior or use any analytics software. We do not share or send your lists, schedules or how are you using various features that extension provides.

For any website you want to block, we explicitly ask permissions for that website. Extension will only have access to websites you want to block.

Manage multiple lists

To block a website, you create a list of websites. You can create an unlimited number of lists and block an unlimited number of websites.

Your lists

Set schedules per list

You can set a schedule for each list you create.

You can choose days on which list should work. You can also select hours of the day for which list will work. This is perfect for blocking sites during your work schedule.

Create list

Customize blocked page

You can customize the blocked page. Set different text, headings, and colors for your custom blocked page.

You can configure the number of seconds after which the blocked page will automatically close.

Customize block page

Password Protection

You can set a password to lock settings page.

Password protection


We offer offline import and export for your lists, schedules and other settings. Backups are exported as a JSON file and stored on your computer.


Block or redirect per list

Each list can be configured to block or redirect. Each list can be enabled or disabled independently.

Blocked page