How to Block Website on Browser?

Website blockers are tools that help users stay focused and productive while studying, working, or trying to break a habit. They can be used on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, and more. Website blockers work by blocking websites from loading in the background of your computer. This means you won't be distracted by them when you need to focus on something else. There are also apps available for these platforms which allow users to block specific sites or entire categories of sites. Additionally, some website blockers offer features such as parental controls and automatic blocks at certain times during the day.

You can block website on your browser using Privacy Focused Site Blocker (By

Available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Once you have installed our extension follow these steps to block a website.

  • To access the settings page, click the extension icon.
  • Make a new list if one hasn't already been created. Otherwise, you can edit any existing list.
  • Enter the website you want to block in the edit interface, for example, or
  • Save the list by clicking the save button.
  • Try visiting the site that you have blocked; you will notice that the site will not open; instead, our browser extension will display a blocked page.
Blocked page