How to Block Website for Certain Time?

Using website blockers for blocking websites for certain time is an effective way to stay focused and be productive. Website blockers allow users to set up custom rules on which websites to block, when, and how, as well as manually block websites for a period of time or automatically block them at the start of their workday.

You can block website on your desktop browser for certain time using Privacy Focused Site Blocker (By

Available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Once you have installed our extension follow these steps to block a website with schedule.

Create list
  • To access the settings page, click the extension icon.
  • Make a new list if one hasn't already been created. Otherwise, you can edit any existing list.
  • Enter the website you want to block in the edit interface, for example, or
  • Select which days you want this list to be active
  • Next select which time-of-the-day you want this list to be active. This is available as "Start Time" / "End Time".
  • Save the list by clicking the save button.
  • Try visiting the site that you have blocked; you will notice that the site will not open; instead, our browser extension will display a blocked page.
Blocked page