Why My Purchase Status Is Inactive?

  • On Privacy Focused Site Blocker (By Avrodh.com) even with valid license key, you may notice that your purchase status is inactive.

    purchase inactive image
  • This may happen due to these reasons :-

    1. When you open your browser, we check for license/trial key validity. If due to some reasons extension was unable to validate license/trial key (e.g. Internet outage, Bad network etc.), purchase is set to inactive status.
    2. License/trial key was used in another browser.
    3. License/trial key was expired
  • You can resolve this issue by :-

    1. Ensure that your internet connection is working properly.
    2. If internet is working properly, restart the browser. Extension will try to validate license/trial key once again. After 1 minute check your purchase status again.
    3. If this issue still persists, you can try to "Activate" again by entering your license/trial key. Please see this topic for more details.